How to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

Susan Brand | November 30, 2022

With the holiday season quickly approaching, having your home ready for loved ones is one thing you can quickly check off your list! If you have been putting off getting your home guest-ready or need help figuring out where to start, these five simple tips will make the process a breeze.


It's not just spring that calls for spring cleaning! By decluttering your home, you can ensure a speedy process of decorating and preparing for guests! Decluttering can be daunting; some even resort to stuffing all extra items in a closet and calling it a day. While this may momentarily solve the issue, the best practice is to set out a few days to declutter your home. Here are a few simple tips for decluttering your home quickly and efficiently.

Four-Box Method

Collect four boxes and label them: keep, relocate, give away, or trash. Bring these four boxes to each room in the home and assess each item! Even the tiny, seemingly insignificant objects. This method will help you declutter things you may have forgotten about. To determine whether an object is worth keeping, having a friend or family member is also helpful. If you believe an item is worth keeping, ask your friend or family member, and if they disagree, it may be time to let it go.

View Your Home From a Different Perspective

A simple way to assess your home's decluttering needs is to walk through your home as a first-time visitor. Take a pen and paper and write down things you notice around your home.
Clutter in your home can remove the focal point of the event you are holding. The holidays are a time to enjoy the company of others and not the company of messes. Even if you take a few minutes each day to work on decluttering, you will find peace of mind in no time. Having an already decluttered space will also allow you to focus on your friends and family more.

Revamp Focal Points in Your Home

If you are in a time crunch and searching for a quick way to elevate your home's space, focus on spots where people gather the most. Even something as simple as adding a few decorations to your foyer can instantly get your guests in the holiday spirit! Here are a few areas of the home and easy ways you can elevate them before your guests arrive.
  • Living Room - Using accent pillows and throw blankets that fit your theme is a simple way to make an area festive. If you have a mantle, fresh evergreen garlands make the space look great and smell great! Be sure the fireplace is on! There's nothing like a roaring fireplace at a holiday party to get everyone in the cozy spirit.
  • Formal Dining Area/ Breakfast Nook - Placemats and centerpieces effectively elevate any eating area. Cinnamon sticks inside a vase are an easy beautiful centerpiece that will add to the overall scent of the home. You can also use any leftover evergreen garland for the centerpiece.
  • Kitchen - The kitchen is where many people create memories cooking together with or for loved ones. A simple way to decorate your kitchen is by using holiday-themed dish towels. You can also purchase many holiday-themed plating to add final touches to your kitchen area.
  • Guest Bathroom - The guest bathroom is sure to be used during any holiday event. Keep a holiday-themed candle in the bathroom to give it a pleasant scent and feeling. Holiday-themed soap dispensers and hand towels are a simple way to add a little holiday spirit to the bathroom.

Plan Ahead

Everyone tends to become a bit stressed during the holidays. The number one tip we can provide is to plan! Creating a holiday decorating plan, event calendar, and creating a holiday budget will help for a more enjoyable, less stressful holiday season.

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